August 29 2014

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Beyoncé Goes For Gold—Live And On Camera


We got the news shortly after it had happened, via an e-mail from a friend with the subject line, “omg.” For those of you still unaware, Beyoncé showed up at a Super Bowl press conference in L.A. last night, and before she fielded any questions from the room of journalists, she asked everyone to please rise and then belted out an unquestionably live, unbelievable rendition of the national anthem. Then she asked if anyone had any questions (they had very few). It was an interesting PR move following weeks of controversy over Sasha Fierce’s lip-synched performance of the “Star-Spangled Banner” at the presidential inauguration, but it left little doubt as to whether the superstar could sing convincingly live—and would do so at the halftime show during Sunday’s big game. Not that we’re surprised by this revelation; we’ve seen Beyoncé live and in concert before, and she is more than capable of bringing it for two to three hours straight. Even she seemed convinced of her inevitable and overwhelming success in this pursuit, telling the crowd “this is what I was born to do,” and wearing a particularly confident gold manicure for the occasion. A longtime fan of Minx overlays (Beyoncé was one of the first A-listers to take the easy-on, easy-off films onto the red carpet), she stayed true to the brand last night, sporting what appeared to be its gold-and-matte-gold chevron design. Nothing like a “winning” attitude to overcome adversity. Thoughts on her pro tips—and her performance?

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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