August 27 2014

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Body By Sachajuan


Sachajuan is one of those special hair-care brands that stays with you. The Swedish-born line that arrived stateside four years ago, courtesy of Woodley & Bunny sister act Erin and Misha Anderson, is almost a household name at this point, known by discerning beauty consumers for its effective ocean silk technology, which combines two different kinds of alga to help heal the hair shaft, and a truly distinct aroma. We are not lying when we say that we can sniff out Sachajuan products in strangers’ homes—call it a fun party trick. Recently, founders Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind have turned their formulating—and fragrance—know-how into a successful body-care range, which just launched stateside this month. Rooted in an oat-beta-glucan complex that penetrates deep into skin to help stimulate collagen, the six-piece collection of three body lotions and three corresponding body washes is highly effective. But it’s the carefully curated scents that will leave a lasting impression. Ginger Flower boasts essences of bergamot and lemon; Spicy Citrus features hints of cardamom, lemon, and coriander; and Shiny Citrus has an effervescent tinge of mandarin and mint. They’re sure to impress at your next house party.

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Photo: Courtesy of Sachajuan

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