August 28 2014

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Finding Sanctuary, Just A Click Away


Since opening its doors as a respite for ballet dancers in 1977, London’s Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden has become an iconic destination for ladies seeking luxury pampering. Its at-home line of skin-boosting creams and salves has also proved particularly popular with anyone looking to prolong the in-room treatment experience, which, last we checked, is just about everyone—including celebrity facialist and Sanctuary’s skincare expert, Nichola Joss. Joss, who started her career at Sanctuary when she was just 19, has helped popularize its Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil, which she uses during her hard-to-come-by appointments with A-listers such as Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen, and Scarlett Johansson. Known for her slightly painful but highly effective massage techniques, Joss actually goes inside clients’ mouths to manually exercise muscles, releasing tension—and visible lines and wrinkles in the process. Her go-to elixir, as well as the brand’s entire Youth Boosting range, including its “facial in a box” five-step kit, just launched on QVC this past week, the first time Sanctuary has brought its offerings stateside, which means getting one step closer to Kate Moss’ complexion is now even easier—especially with these massage tips that come courtesy of Joss, free of charge:

Chin Up
To keep the definition along your jawline toned, Joss recommends making massage a nightly ritual, when you are less rushed and more inclined to focus on personal primping. Once you’ve applied your night treatment, like Sanctuary’s Night Concentrate, bend your second and third fingers and, placing your chin in between them, work your way outward, toward your ears, applying pressure with your knuckles as you go.

Getting Cheeky
Using the same finger placement, use your second and third knuckles to push up and underneath your cheekbones, applying a considerable amount of pressure to work underneath the bone and effectively lift the skin up.

Forehead Games
Apply the tips of your index, third, and fourth fingers above the brow line and, applying pressure, push upward to the hairline repetitively.

Photo: Courtesy of Sanctuary Spa

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