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Girls With Curls, Backstage at Bottega Veneta


Tomas Maier is the kind of designer who is incredibly particular about all facets of his collections, which is to say every inch of a Bottega Veneta show is carefully considered—hair and makeup included. “He really wanted a hairstyle,” Guido Palau said of the soft, seventies-meets-forties, “Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver” curls he obliged Maier with for Fall.

Cleaning hair with Redken Curvaceous Shampoo and Conditioner so it was light and airy, Palau rough-dried strands with its Guts 10 Volumizing Spray Foam mousse to add texture, before creating a deep side part and tightly coiling one-inch sections, which had been prepped with Redken’s Iron Shape 11 Finishing Thermal Spray, around a thirteen-millimeter iron. Then, just before the show started, Palau loosely spread out the curls with a boar-bristle brush, slipping a single bobby pin above the right ear.

Maier was equally specific about models’ “matte, matte, ultra lip,” as makeup artist Pat McGrath referred to the burnt-orange-brown pigment that she painted onto pouts. “We did look at fabrics [from the collection] for that,” she elaborated of the custom color. Dusting a brown-black eye shadow on the tops of lids and underneath the lower lash lines—”Just to give a little sexiness”—McGrath finished the look with a light-handed application of brown mascara.

Photo: Michele Morosi/

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