August 2 2014

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Oscar Night’s Behind-the-Scenes Heroes Reveal The Ten Best-Kept Beauty Secrets In Hollywood


As pre-Oscar buzz comes to a near fever pitch preceding the biggest night of awards season, the most oft-asked question isn’t who will win, but what will she wear? And as any leading lady worth her acting chops knows, no red-carpet look is complete without the right hair and makeup—or make that hairstylist and makeup artist. An elite crew of face painters and coiffeurs will decamp to L.A. this weekend with their indispensable know-how and even more indispensable product arsenals in tow to keep a bevy of A-listers picture-perfect for an evening that promises to be full of high-res camera angles, wide-lens shots, and maybe—just maybe—acceptance speeches. Here, some of the industry’s biggest names, who will be tending to the manes and maquillage of Jennifer, Amy, and Naomi, reveal exclusively to the one essential product they’ll be relying on come Sunday—and a few tips to help ensure victory at “the style Super Bowl.”

The Artist: Pati Dubroff
The Actor: Naomi Watts
The Must-Have: “I will absolutely be using Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow on Oscar day. I have no idea which color (soon to be revealed!), but these high-shine crème-to-powder shadows give the perfect amount of glitz for a major red-carpet moment—the Oscars being the most major of red carpets.”

The Artist: Stephen Sollitto
The Actor: Amy Adams
The Must-Have: “My Ardell Duralash Natural Short Black and Medium Black individual lashes (not the flares) are one of the biggest must-haves in my kit. No matter how beautiful the makeup is, if the lashes aren’t accounted for, I don’t think the look is finished. These are individual hairs randomly put in just to accent the lashes and open up the eye a bit more with a little length. The Naturals are the best, because the hair is softer and more realistic. They don’t read artificial.”

The Artist: Mark Townsend
The Actor: Jennifer Lawrence
The Must-Have: “I cannot live without Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo, especially on Oscar day, the style Super Bowl. The starch in this spray builds volume at the roots and gives the hair amazing texture. I also spray this on all my hairpins before using them in updo’s, to give the pins extra grip so the hair doesn’t slip out.”

The Artist: Jillian Dempsey
The Actor: Jennifer Lawrence
The Must-Have:MAC’s Mini Fan Brush appeals to the perfectionist. It is just the right size for painting on mascara, and it smooths out and defines the lashes.”

The Artist: Renato Campora
The Actor: Jessica Chastain
The Must-Have: “I will have the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Flexible Hold Hairspray in my kit on Sunday. The great thing about this lightweight product is that after spraying the head, you can easily brush through the hair. This allows you to do touch-ups, and then even spray the hair again, without any sort of buildup or firm hold. It allows for natural movement, which is important.”

The Artist: Mara Roszak
The Actor: Nicole Kidman
The Must-Have: “The classic bobby pin is hands down my red-carpet-kit must-have. They’re an absolute stylist staple for creating hairstyles—from the intricate to the very simple. Also, if placed thoughtfully, they can be used as a hair accessory or for creating patterns in the hair. For accessorizing with bobby pins, I would recommend making sure the color you select contrasts your hair color. This way, it will really pop!”

The Artist: Kate Lee
The Actor: Anne Hathaway
The Must-Have:Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum is my must-have! I use it on every client, regardless of age or skin type. It delivers amazing hydration with very little residue, which in turn makes the perfect canvas for foundation. It is quite literally like giving the skin a drink of water. I don’t leave home without it!”

The Artist: Tracey Cunningham
The Actor: Charlize Theron
The Must-Have: “Gray hair can be a difficult look to pull off. Luckily, for those of us who aren’t the gorgeous Helen Mirren or Dame Judi Dench, there’s Redken’s Chromatics Beyond Cover. With this miracle product, I can provide my clients with complete gray coverage, while smoothing and fortifying their hair. It’s the best-kept secret in Hollywood!”

The Artist: Giannandrea
The Actor: Naomi Watts
The Must-Have: “On Oscar Sunday, I will have Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème in my kit. This moisturizing crème gives me versatility with any look I create, and enables the hair to be easily styled without static or fly-aways. It achieves a silky smooth finish perfect for the red carpet.”

The Artist: Jenny Cho
The Actor: Amanda Seyfried
The Must-Have: “I will have my genie in a bottle with me on Oscars Sunday—the Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil. I apply it to the hair before blow-drying, which makes the entire styling process easier and smoother. It hydrates the hair and, as a finisher, leaves a nice glossy sheen. A nice little potion from start to finish.”

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