August 30 2014

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Super Bowl Sunday: A User’s Guide


Aside from my significant other of five years and my rescue pit mix, Lola, you could legitimately say that fashion, beauty, and football are the great loves of my life—a funny paradox that comes to a head this time of year, when the Super Bowl and New York fashion week come dangerously close to colliding. There are few like-minded women in the industry who wait with bated breath for the fashion week schedule to come out, like I do, to confirm that there will not, in fact, be any overlap between beer drinking and screaming at the television and stiletto wearing and all-day call times, but I have been fortunate enough to come across a few. While my team, the Philadelphia Eagles, was sadly (way) out of contention for this year’s Super Bowl, it will be a particularly exciting game for two of those kindred spirits, some of fashion’s finest, whose hometown heroes will be battling it out on the gridiron while the whole world watches. So, in case you need a reason to tune in on Sunday—before and after the halftime show, that is—read on below for their quick guide to key players, what to bring to a potluck party, and the perfect red lip that says, “Let’s go, ‘Niners!” if wearing an oversize jersey is entirely out of the question.

Name: Kelley Ireland-Kelly, content director for Ralph Lauren.

Football Fandom Beginnings: “My grandfather was the first football coach at UNLV and later became the athletic director. My father played for him and that’s how my parents met, so football has always just been important. I dated a football player in high school, too, and we would spend weeknights watching ESPN—it’s just in the blood!”

San Francisco or Baltimore: “San Francisco. My greatest memory is still ditching class to drive to Haight Street to find just the right pair of Levi’s cutoffs.”

49ers or Ravens: “I think the 49ers have had a pretty compelling story line this season. I think everyone wants to see the second-string quarterback win the Super Bowl—they write movies about this stuff!”

Favorite Player: “[SF coach] Jim Harbaugh. Does that count? He’s from my high school (Palo Alto High School), so I like to show support. Second would be Frank Gore. He was my running back in fantasy football, and despite the rumors that he would get injured and bail, he took me to the playoffs.”

Game-Day Prep: “I have a ten-month-old, so showering is a pretty big deal for me right now. Maybe I can squeeze in some face lotion, but it will be a game-day decision. I do have a red and gold silk pajama set that will be making an appearance, though.”

Tailgating Snack of Choice: “Wine.”

Best Bowl-Day Beauty Bet: “A poppy red lip, like Benefit’s Full Finish Lipstick in Flirt Alert. The company’s based in San Fran, don’t you know.”

Name: Erica Blumenthal, style writer for the New York Times.

Football Fandom Beginnings: “The Baltimore Colts moved to Indianapolis overnight when I was two years old so it wasn’t until high-school that Baltimore got the Ravens (formerly the Cleveland Browns) and I went to my first game. I’d always been a huge baseball and basketball fan and football was sort of foreign to me, but not for long.”

San Francisco or Baltimore: “Baltimore. The city’s Brewer’s Art Gallery is where I catch up with friends every time I’m home, and we drink their delicious 7 percent A.B.V house beer, Resurrection. The following day is never too pretty.”

49ers or Ravens: “Ravens, or in the words of [Ravens linebacker] Terrell Suggs, ‘Ball So Hard University!’ The Ravens defense is scary. Each player has so much character and they’ve come together in a beautiful way this season.”

Favorite Player: “I love them all; however, this season Ray Lewis is the favorite. He’s been with the team since the beginning and is their impassioned leader. Just watch him during the national anthem. I went to his last home game—the Wild Card game versus Indianapolis—and the ground shook when he came out and did his last dance for the hometown crowd. It was incredible.”

Game-Day Prep: “I wear the same Ravens T-shirt and hat every game. The hat hasn’t really come off since the first playoff game.”

Tailgating Snack of Choice: “My new favorite is picking up Mission Chinese to go.”

Best Bowl-Day Beauty Bet: “I just painted my toes black with StrangeBeautiful nail lacquers in honor of the purple-and-black. And maybe a scented candle to calm my nerves.”

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