August 31 2014

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Banana Liner 2.0


Banana liner—or banane, as François Nars often refers to the single arched pencil etching that is customarily drawn through the crease of the eye, en Français—is a classic sixties-era makeup mainstay. You may remember seeing it last season at Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Moschino, when the decade experienced its latest resurgence. But there is a way to modernize the popular lid embellishment, as we learned from Gucci Westman at Rag & Bone’s Fall show—and makeup artist Polly Osmond in the new issue of Numéro. “The typical sixties shape starts closer to the nose,” Westman explained backstage in New York, choosing to start her stroke toward the center of the eye and drag it straight out toward the temple, rather than in a more perfect crescent shape. For her part, Osmond went the other direction, starting her line almost on top of model Nadja Bender’s nose and keeping it soft and slightly diffused. “This feels more obscure,” Westman said of the benefits of experimenting with newfangled approaches to old techniques—and making them seem new again in the process.

Photo: Liz Collins for Numéro., March 2013; Luca Cannonieri /

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