August 27 2014

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Beauty Nostalgia: Reminiscing With…Misha Anderson


Beauty Nostalgia is a weekly column on Beauty Counter in which we ask influencers, tastemakers, and some of our favorite industry experts to wax poetic on the sticks, salves, and sprays that helped shape who they are today.

The Pro: Misha Anderson, co-founder of Woodley & Bunny salon and apothecaries.

The Product: “I took my first trip to Paris in the late eighties, when I was in high school. While there, I was introduced to the concept of the French pharmacy. It was like being in a candy store with all of these exotic brands and lotions and potions I had never seen before. I was at that age when this was a dazzling, sexy experience, when discovery was a prize, when you notice everything, because your senses are not jaded with the overload of years and wisdom. A product that really caught my eye was the square shimmering bottle of NUXE’s Huile Prodigieuse Or. It’s this thick oil with glimmer and gold—and I had to buy it. The only issue was that I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with it. I ended up using it on my face, my hair, my body—I actually worried that I might be using it ‘wrong.’ I did not speak French, and the directions in English were vague. I thought it might be a tanning oil, because what else could it be? What else were you supposed to do with an oil but induce a tan? I was traveling to the French Riviera in the next days, lying on a towel next to the sea, with the idea of being a bronze goddess. [Huile Prodigieuse] was a step above my Ban de Soleil. I felt rich, in every sense.

When I got back to the States, I showed everyone this newly won ‘trophy,’ and every time I went back to Europe after that, I brought back something new, and was loaded down with requests from all of my friends. The experience completely inspired my idea for Woodley & Bunny’s apothecary in the late nineties. It’s about supplying not just my friends but any beauty junkie with the delectable experience of trying something new or exotic, with that sense of luxury. It feels like sharing a secret. I don’t have the original bottle of Huile Prodigieuse anymore, but at one point, we sold NUXE at Woodley & Bunny and I got to look at the bottle every day.”

Photo: Courtesy of Nuxe

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