August 23 2014

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EXCLUSIVE: Chanel’s Glitter-Flecked Cat-Eyes, Live And On Camera


Peter Philips’ beauty look at Chanel is almost always a highlight of our fashion month. The makeup artist, who is known for the way he frequently expands upon the traditional idea of face painting with unexpected materials—like rhinestones as eyebrows and pieces of woven-fabric-turned-eyelashes—chose sequins as his makeup medium of choice for Fall. Using “jumbo” pieces of art-supply glitter instead of run-of-the-mill eye pencils, Philips applied single pieces of sparkle along the lash line and in the lashes to make sure models’ faces registered in the show’s gigantic venue (and to add that classic Philips-ian touch we have come to admire, of course). If you’ve been marveling over the “how’d he do that?” quality of the effect since the show on Tuesday, went backstage and shot Philips in action to help answer some of your burning questions. Click above to watch.




    Peter Philips interpretation of the feel of the clothing into the make up is absolutely gorgeous-Chanel depicts glamour and luxury and that transcends beautifully with the sparkle lids-I love it and at my next party will definitely have this look (a little more subdued)-Gabellinistyle

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