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Pat McGrath’s Mascara Magic, Backstage At Stella McCartney


Backstage reporting from the shows is an endlessly exciting job that can be as informative as it is inspiring. From getting the inside scoop on the looks hairstylists and makeup artists create for each different designer to witnessing said designers get last-minute touch-ups (and, in some cases, full-on haircuts) preshow, there’s an endless array of things to watch—and learn. Yesterday at Stella McCartney, for example, Pat McGrath let us in on a secret of the trade. Grooming “very natural, very Stella girls,” as she’s wont to do at McCartney’s presentations, the makeup artist employed a little trick to emphasize eyes without messing around with complicated liners and shadows. “We’re using black mascara on the top lashes and brown on the bottom,” she said, explaining that the brown color softens the eye and simultaneously helps the black mascara create a winged effect in contrast, thus giving McCartney’s preference for minimal makeup maximum impact. Live it, love it.

Photo: Michele Morosi/



  1. Roco says:

    Amazing! So smart, but simple. Such a great tip… I’d like to try, but would have to think of some way to revise for my skin tone.

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