August 31 2014

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Beyoncé Does Swimwear; Amanda Seyfried keeps her clothes on; and More…


More pictures from Beyoncé’s new H&M swimwear ads have been revealed. Her accessories of choice: a tropical flower tucked behind the ear and a belly-button ring. Fierce. [New York Magazine]

The naked truth: Amanda Seyfried’s publicist wouldn’t let her drop trou for Allure‘s May “Look Better Naked” issue, the cover of which she graces. [New York Post]

Yet another reason to keep exercise on the daily agenda: According to a new extensive study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, working out regularly means higher-quality shut-eye. [HuffPo]

Gisele Bündchen joins the Instagram-ing masses. Expect plenty of selfies. #nofilternecessary [New York Daily News]

Photo: Courtesy of New York Magazine/ H&M

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