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Body By Valmont


Since its launch in 1985, Swiss-based Valmont has established itself as a leader in über-luxurious science-backed skincare, a point it hammers home with its selective and exclusive distribution process, which is typically restricted to high-end spa institutes and hotels—Paris’ Le Meurice and the New York outpost of the Plaza Athénée, to name a few. While the Valmont faithful know the line for its advanced antiaging formulas and the facials that incorporate them, the company is hoping to expand its reach due south of the décolletage with the release of a new body-care range. Dubbed Body Time Control, the lineup of four products is meant to cleanse and hydrate, exfoliate, smooth cellulite, and boost firmness with a laundry list of potent ingredients: an infusion of rose oil ensures that the Fresh Dew Cleanser doesn’t strip essential moisture; the Cellular Refining Scrub boasts Argan nut powder to remove dead cells and prep limbs for increased absorption capabilities; the D. Solution Booster employs bioavailable caffeine, among other things, to stimulate the breakdown of fat cells; and the C. Curve Shaper features extracts of hydroxyproline, an amino acid that is a major component of collagen, which helps to restructure conjunctive tissue to slim and tone.

All this from a few jars of creams and lotions? you’re likely asking yourself. The answer is yes, according to the brand—results, it contends, are intensified by a new professional spa treatment. To complement the launch of Body Time Control, Valmont has created a signature service that reportedly provides a visible difference after one treatment, although a series of ten visits is recommended for optimal results. Using the four aforementioned products in succession, as well as concentrated kneading motions along muscular fibers—for sixty nearly uninterrupted minutes!—the body is left smooth and slender. The treatment does not replace diet and exercise, of course; but it can act to complement your regular regimen. And did we mention it feels amazing?

Valmont Body Time Control treatment at Spa Valmont for Plaza Athénée, 37 East Sixty-fourth Street, NYC; 212-606-4600,

Photo: Courtesy of the Plaza Athénée