August 22 2014

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Bird On A Wire


More and more, Rodarte’s Laura and Kate Mulleavy are known almost as much for the hair accessories that accompany their unique designs as the designs themselves. First came Spring 2011′s hand-carved barrettes that Odile Gilbert slipped onto one side of models’ manes; then there was Fall 2011′s gilded comb moment, which was followed by those much-discussed shooting-star clips from Fall 2012 and, most recently, the barbwire headbands turned crowns that turned up at the sister duo’s Fall 2013 show. Coveted as these pieces are, however, it’s the rare A-lister who typically gets to wear them. Kirsten Dunst has received the honor on more than a few occasions, and it looks like the torch has now been passed to Chloë Sevigny. At last night’s Absolut Elyx launch in New York, the actress sported one of the thin, interwoven-metal bands as well as a full look from the Fall collection. Lucky girl. Thoughts on the accessory’s off-runway debut?

Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images; Stefano Masse/



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