August 22 2014

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EXCLUSIVE: Bite Beauty Sets Up Shop


Bite-Bty-Pop-UpSince launching Bite Beauty two years ago, entrepreneur Susanne Langmuir has had a string of successes. Her lipcentric lineup of crème lipsticks, rouge pots, matte pencils, and sheer balms—all formulated with food-grade ingredients, such as organic shea and fruit butters spiked with red-wine resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant—was picked up by Sephora, where it has been sold exclusively ever since. The range’s point of difference on the primping emporium’s increasingly crowded shelves is not just its green-leaning ethos, but its shockingly vivid color payoff; we’ve used all manner of all-natural lipsticks before, but none that deliver quite like Bite, which is a real passion project for Langmuir. “My favorite experience is when I am mixing and blending new and inspired color creations,” she says—an experience that will now be part of the public domain.


Starting tomorrow, the Toronto-based brand will officially open the doors to its first-ever pop-up shop in Soho, where customers can mix their own lip color and then watch as a troop of Bite professionals actually melt, pour, and package the customized bullet. “We wanted to create something that is totally new,” Langmuir explains of what will evolve into a permanent brick-and-mortar, on Thompson Street, come September. Designed in collaboration with the Austrian firm EOOS, the space is equipped with a center bar, “play stations,” where you can actually blend multiple different cream lip colors—a zinfandel red with a little white and some peach to create a warm rose, perhaps—before you choose a scent (current choices include a superfruit blend, cherry, peppermint, and lavender) and watch as trained technicians churn out your personalized product following a five-minute heating-and-cooling process. In today’s world of complicated ingredient labels and constant clamor over the hazardous chemicals that are readily put into cosmetics, it doesn’t get more transparent than that.


Bite Beauty, 174 Prince Street, NYC, open from 11 AM – 7 PM, Tuesday-Sunday;

Photo: Courtesy of Bite Beauty

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