August 29 2014

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Popular Beauty Remedies, By The Numbers; Beach Hair Is Big Business; And More…


A new study that set out to determine the lengths women will go to for beauty reveals a predisposition to trying just about anything. Along with drinking lots of water and pinching cheeks to create the illusion of a rosy flush, popular beauty remedies include cucumbers to relieve tired eyes; toothpaste to heal blemishes and insect bites; lemon juice to highlight hair; baking soda to whiten teeth; and egg and vinegar rinses to boost hair shine. We’re an inventive bunch, that’s for sure. [Telegraph]


Getting that coveted form of tousled wave popularized by Gisele, and known simply as “beach hair,” is an art form that many women are willing to pay big bucks for at the salon, although a spray bottle of homemade salt water might just serve the same purpose. [NYT]


L’Oréal Paris spokesperson and actress Julianne Moore does not let a little thing like aging in Hollywood get her down—mostly because she doesn’t think about fine lines and wrinkles in a purely aesthetic sense. “Our fear of aging is really a fear of dying; aging is a physical manifestation of decay, and I think that is what’s so upsetting to most people.” [Daily Mail]


The Hunger Games: the makeup range? CoverGirl intends on making it so. (Whether or not that will also mean a cosmetics contract for one Jennifer Lawrence remains to be seen.) [MTV]

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