July 26 2014

styledotcom Here's what we saw at Miami Swim Week that we'll never wear: @HuffPostStyle

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Rahua Goes Into the Mystic


PALO SANTO / (pal-oh san-toh) / n. / 1. Also known as Bursera graveolens, a spidery, fragrant tree that flourishes in South America’s coastal regions; / n. / 2. Translated in Spanish as “holy wood,” a mystical shrub that is frequently used as a spiritual healer and energy cleanser by shamans in ayahuasca ceremonies; / n. / 3. A “smudge stick” that acts to remove bad energy, improve meditation, and repel insects when burned; / n. / 4. A tea that reduces inflammation and relieves cold and flu symptoms, asthma, and headaches when consumed; / n. / 5. A woodsy-scented essential oil with uplifting properties frequently used in natural-minded beauty products, e.g., “Ward off bad energy and add an aromatic element to any hairstyle with Palo Santo.”

Try it: Rahua Hair Wax with essences of Palo Santo, $32,

Photo: Courtesy of Rahua

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