September 2 2014

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The 411: Flywheel’s Ruth Zukerman


The past few years have seen the spinning trend reach dizzying new heights, and leading the two-wheeled, stationary charge are fashionable studios like Flywheel—and, more specifically, its co-founder Ruth Zukerman. Widely credited as the pioneer of New York’s indoor cycling scene (she opened the first dedicated studio here in 2006), Zukerman is more than mere cardio enthusiast: The Mount Holyoke grad has studied anatomy and exercise physiology extensively, and that education, plus her background as a dancer, figured largely in the creation of her cult fitness destination. Devotees of the studio’s intense hour-long classes appreciate the carefully curated soundtracks (courtesy of an in-house DJ), the personal tech packs on each bike (the better to record your metrics like speed, power, distance, and calories burnt with), and of course, the body sculpting results. It’s perhaps unsurprising that Zukerman herself, now in her fifties and looking more fit than ever, is the best advertisement of this. Here, Flywheel’s driving force shares her own beautifying go-tos, with some healthy food mainstays thrown in for good measure.

The Body-Conscious Masseuse: Jacob at the Standard Spa
“Jacob at the Standard Spa in Miami is a wonderful massage therapist. I always look for someone who really knows the body, and he is a wealth of knowledge. He knows how much pressure I need and has been known to literally stand on my calves and hamstrings. With all of the indoor cycling that I do I need this kind of treatment. After I leave him I feel as if I’m floating.”
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The Hair Team: Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon
“I have been seeing River Lloyd, currently at John Frieda, for 20 years! I admire his impeccable taste and skills with scissors. He knows me well and always knows what to do, and I trust his instincts. I put my hair completely in his hands. And Sharon Dorram is my hair color guru. While she’s big on blondes, she knows just the right brunette shade for me—always a rich and radiant color.”
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The Solo Getaway: Miraval
“When I want a spa vacation, I prefer to go alone for the ultimate in peace and quiet. My favorite would be the Miraval spa in Catalina, Arizona. Surrounded by the Santa Catalina Mountains, it is absolutely beautiful. I practice yoga in a room facing these mountains and feel, and appreciate, the distance from New York City. The facial and massage treatments are all given by very experienced therapists and aestheticians, and I always leave feeling relaxed, buffed, and ready to get back to work!”
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The Healthy Market: Provisions
“I summer in Sag Harbor, Long Island, which has still managed to retain its charm and personality. Provisions is a wonderful natural food store with a great little restaurant that I frequent for a healthy and delicious lunch outdoors.”
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The Signature Scent: Comptoir Sud Pacifique
“Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Motu has been my fragrance of choice for over 20 years. The fresh, clean scent always awakens my senses, and I am often told that I smell like the beach or the ocean. That works for me! I would say that I am complimented on my scent on a weekly basis, often by total strangers!”

The Makeup Must-Haves: Giorgio Armani Beauty
“I swear by makeup by Giorgio Armani. The foundation can’t be beat when it comes to giving a natural and luminous look. It literally gives me beautiful, flawless skin. And the Eyes to Kill mascara is also amazing—I don’t ever need to bother with the fake lashes and it’s much easier!”
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The Juice Break: JugoFresh
“Whenever I teach at Flywheel’s Miami Beach studio, I reward myself with a fresh juice from JugoFresh right around the corner. There is nothing more healthful and delicious than one of their many concoctions. They actually dedicated one of their shakes to us, called the “Jugofly.” It’s a blend of coconut meat, spirulina, kale, blueberries, apple, and more. I’m always sad when there’s nothing left and am already looking forward to the next one.”
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The Regular Restaurant: Marea
“While there are so many great ones in NYC, my current favorite would have to be Marea on Central Park South. It serves Italian seafood, and the crudo cannot be beat. I enjoy sitting at the bar with a friend and sampling many of the appetizers. You can literally taste each ingredient that goes into his dishes and I relish every single bite.”
240 Central Park South, NYC; (212) 582-5100,

Photo: Courtesy of Flywheel Sports

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