September 2 2014

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Your Best Hair, Through The Looking Glass


Carols-Daughter-Mirror-SalonMirror, the new salon in Harlem from Carol’s Daughter, is very aptly named. Sure, there’s that impressive, reflective rectangle hanging above the shampoo bowls (“so stylists can show clients haircare tricks while shampooing,” according to owner Lisa Price), and the mirrored discs that decorate the back wall. But the correlation more so stems from the destination’s focus on helping its clients see their true—and best—selves. “When a client comes in with a photo of a hairstyle, of course we can try to get her there. But our objective is to first understand and appreciate the person who’s walked in that day,” says Price. The beauty brand founder, who branched out into the service industry at the persistent requests of her core consumers (“people who come and shop with us for haircare products who were asking, how do I take care of my hair?”), achieves that by training her team of stylists to give each new client an extensive hair evaluation: First they spritz hair with water and gently stretch curls to assess metrics like elasticity, density, and porosity; then, client and stylist settle on an accurate description of hair texture together—think: silk, cotton, or wool. “Some people who are new to natural [un-relaxed] hair have no idea what the real texture of their hair is. They use words like rough, dry, and brittle. We use fabrics as descriptors because they’re neutral words—they don’t carry negative associations,” Price explains. Particularly effective among Mirror’s services is strand-by-strand conditioning, during which stylists divide hair into four sections and meticulously apply a moisturizing treatment, from root to end. And while relaxers are a no-no here, Mirror’s special ionic blow-dry/ceramic flat-iron combo will leave all hair types—from barely-there wavy to all-out curly—moisturized and sleek.

Mirror, The Salon at Carol’s Daughter, 24 W. 125th St., NYC, (212) 828-6757.

Photo: Courtesy of Carol’s Daughter