August 27 2014

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Beauty Etiquetter: Considering Child’s Play At The Salon


Bty-Etiquetter-Kids-SalonBeauty Etiquetter addresses your beauty-protocol predicaments with candid advice from industry experts and those in the know. To submit a question, e-mail celia_ellenberg

The Quandary: Is it OK to bring your child to the salon? I often want to make that service a relaxing, “me time” experience, but sometimes my nanny is unavailable.

The Expert in Residence: Erin Anderson, Woodley & Bunny co-owner and artistic director.

The Advice: “For me, there are several variables to take into consideration, such as the type of salon, its overall atmosphere, and the age of the child. When a salon is exceptionally ‘child friendly’—offering children’s hair services and/or has a designated area with activities to help keep children occupied—it is a sure sign that children are automatically welcome. On the flip side, at salons where they provide a relaxing and calm environment for clients, children running around or being loud and unruly defeats the purpose. If you have to entertain your child in the middle of the service, it can ultimately distract the stylist. This can lead to the service being extended, or there might not be enough time to complete it, which would impair quality. Let’s not forget there are chemicals and sharp objects being used in salons as well, so having a child run around can be very dangerous. If the child is a toddler and not independent just yet, I suggest speaking with management before your appointment to see if there is a better time of the day/week to come in with a young child. Otherwise, enlisting a nanny’s help is best.

Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

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