August 29 2014

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Beauty Nostalgia: Reminiscing With…Kirsten Kjaer Weis


Kirsten-Kjaer-Weis-TokalonBeauty Nostalgia is a weekly column on Beauty Counter in which we ask influencers, tastemakers, and some of our favorite industry experts to wax poetic on the sticks, salves, and sprays that helped shape who they are today.

The Pro: Kirsten Kjaer Weis, makeup artist and founder of Kjaer Weis cosmetics

The Product: “Certain scents and images stay with you forever. For me, it’s the Tokalon face moisturizer that my mother uses. It’s a Swiss lotion that she discovered at the local pharmacy. The texture was quite thick and rich, and I’m sure that’s why it left a luminous sheen on her skin. The smell was quite perfume-y. Today it would feel way too artificial and heavy, but I think, as a kid, it smelled expensive and sophisticated to me. I never used it myself, but I often remember opening it up, closing it, smelling it, putting some on my hand and dreaming a bit. I grew up on a farm in Denmark, and I don’t recall anybody wearing makeup on a day-to-day basis. I think that’s why this lotion stands out to me as something for special occasions. It was the equivalent of a woman wearing makeup in the city! My mother loved a natural glow. I thought she was so beautiful, all dressed up, with a glow to her skin and an effortless stain of lipstick. I don’t use this moisturizer, but my mother still does. Now, I have a passion for organic skincare, like Tata Harper’s Serum and Roll-On Oil. That’s how I get my glow back!”

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