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Gisele Has A Spa Day


Gisele-Vogue-Italia-BeautyEvery new Gisele Bündchen shoot makes us think we’ve seen the supe’s best work yet—and then the next one comes out and has us seriously reconsidering our previous position. And so it went when images of the Brazilian beauty’s new Vogue Italia beauty supplement started circulating this morning. While the double cover was enough to immediately cause this line of thinking to commence, it’s the behind-the-scenes short film, which the glossy just posted to its Web site, that is really selling Bündchen’s latest editorial. In it, she takes us through the entire spread, in beautiful high-definition video, one beauty procedure at a time: Gisele goes tanning, gets a facial, relishes in a mani/pedi, gets a cupping treatment, and even indulges in the tabloid-favorite vampire facial that Kim Kardashian infamously tested out live and on-camera. Bündchen’s ruddy visage is the result of the impressive handiwork of face-painting legend Pat McGrath and some very believable special-effects makeup in the Steven Meisel-lensed version, but even covered in fake blood, nobody out-stuns Gisele.

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