August 30 2014

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Lessons in Hyaluronic Layering With Gina Brooke


Intraceuticals-Booster-Vitamin-AWe never pass up an opportunity to have lunch with makeup artist Gina Brooke. Madonna’s go-to face painter is not only a great dining companion but she also happens to be full of beauty wisdom, which she readily distributes; Brooke’s excellent advice has given us the perfect shade of red lipstick (Hourglass Femme Rouge Velvet Crème Lipstick in Raven); an eyelash-extension guru in L.A.; and enough MDNA tour anecdotes to fill a book—which, incidentally, Brooke is also working on. Today’s lesson: skin hydration. “It’s all about hyaluronic layering,” she said over appetizers and salads, reciting the Intraceuticals gospel from which she so often preaches. A longtime fan of the brand’s oxygen facials, which she frequently performs on the set of music-video shoots and editorials, not to mention backstage on world tours, Brooke has turned a good many celebrity onto the noninvasive spa treatment. But when used correctly, its topical line can be just as transformative, she insists. Comparing the skin to a sponge, which absorbs moisture better when it is already semi-saturated, Brooke preps every canvas she works on with Intraceuticals Daily Serum, which boasts an incredibly low molecular hyaluronic-acid weight to allow for easier absorption. Next comes one of its brand-new Boosters—a vitamin-A formula to clarify and brighten while reducing fine lines and wrinkles, a vitamin-C formula that fights free-radical damage, a collagen booster to create a plumping effect, and an antioxidant booster to eradicate toxins for a more even tone—which is followed by its Hydration Gel that has a medium molecular hyaluronic weight, and finally the Moisture Binding Cream, the heaviest lotion, which acts to lock everything in. “You can mix an SPF product with the Binding Cream if it’s too many things,” Brooke explained, noting that while four skincare steps might seem crazy to even the biggest beauty buff, the process is entirely worth it. “I have clients with skincare contracts who only use [Intraceuticals],” she revealed. (In case there was any doubt, we’ll be first in line to buy that book.)

Photo: Courtesy of Intraceuticals

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