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Slough Love With Sonya Dakar


Sonya-Dakar-Exfoliation-TipsWhenever celebrity-favorite aesthetician Sonya Dakar is in town from L.A., we make a point to see her—as much for her amazing touch and arsenal of incredibly active products as the pearls of wisdom she readily doles out. And then there are the compliments, of course: “You have baby skin,” she told us when we saw her at a launch event today. “When you’re 45, you’ll look 30!” But we digress. While we exchanged pleasantries and Dakar asked us about our own regimen, her heart seemed to sink when we mentioned the dermatologic-grade glycolic acid pads we’ve recently added to our routine. “Those are too strong for you,” she exclaimed as we dismissively nodded. Then she looked us deep in the eyes and reiterated: “Stop using the pads.”

Once we genuinely conceded, Dakar offered up a very tempting exfoliating alternative—not to mention a great tip: A big fan of gentler lactic acid, the skin savior was giving us the hard sell on her Flash Facial, a cooling, exfoliating gel bolstered by resveratrol and Hylasome (“It’s five times more hydrating than regular hyaluronic acid,” she effused), which does produce almost immediate results, as we—and Gwyneth “Most Beautiful” Paltrow—can attest. The actress apparently gushed over the product during her cover turn on People magazine, causing a mega-spike in sales. Dakar recommends following that up with her soothing, apple stem cell–enriched NutraSphere Nano Mask and saving the glycolic acid pads for rough patches on your knees, heels, and elbows: “Use them twice a week until the pads are gone. Then, good-bye.” A great idea for self-tanning prep—and a skimpy summer wardrobe.

Photo: Courtesy of Sonya Dakar

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