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The 411: Raquel Allegra


DRaquel-Allegraespite her NorCal roots, Raquel Allegra is championing L.A. with each piece of her eponymous collection. The Berkeley-born designer, who first caught the eyes of fashion folks with the deconstructed tees she was making while an associate at Barneys in Beverly Hills, specializes in draped silhouettes in whisper-weight fabrics that come in a palette of muted neutrals, as well as a finessed tie-dye technique that puts our backyard efforts to shame. While their structured ease happens to work just as well across the Continental Divide, they are the stuff this lifelong East Coaster imagines any well-heeled Topanga Canyon resident would ascribe to. Ditto Allegra’s dedication to health and wellness. Here, she shares some of her own go-tos for body, mind, and soul.

The Body Indulgence: Massage with Keiko
“When I just want to indulge, I call Keiko Matsuo over for her brilliant deep-tissue massage and Reiki work. Breathe through the hard parts! It can be pretty painful, but it’s well worth it. And her oxygen facial at the end is epic! In NYC, you can catch her once a month at Yasmine Djerradine.”
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The Desert-Island Product Line: Sunday Riley
“You know that question people ask about being stranded on an island and only having one thing? Well, for me it would be two things: The Bionic and Juno Oils by Sunday Riley.”
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The Nude Nail Favorite: Deborah Lippmann
“About a year ago, Deborah Lippmann sent me a box of goodies; now her nude polish, Fashion, is all I ever wear.”
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The Spiritual Guides: Triple Threat
“I have three Sikh gurus that I absolutely adore, who I go to for my health and spiritual wellness. Guru Prem Singh Khalsa, who first introduced me to, and opened my world to, Kundalini yoga, and Tej Kaur Khalsa, who is a brilliant teacher who I’d recommend to anyone looking to explore the Kundalini community in L.A. And then there’s my doctor, Dr. Soram Singh Khalsa, who blends Eastern traditions with Western medicine.”
Guru Prem Singh Khalsa,; Tej Kaur Khalsa,; Dr. Soram Singh Khalsa,

The Exercise Routine: Horseback Riding
“I had been training to ride for six months when I found Victoria [Faerber] at Sycamore Farm. In our first lesson, she had me balancing, eyes closed, hands reaching for the sky, while standing up on a painted mare named Shasta. I rarely describe myself as obsessed with anything, but I guess driving all the way to Malibu three times a week, at 6 a.m., makes me pretty obsessed. Everyone I’ve shared this secret hideaway with has fallen instantly in love, including my fiancé, Steven, who has even started riding lessons himself!”
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The Signature Scent for Two: Wonderwood by Comme des Garçons
“It’s all I wear. Steven and I even share it, so we go through the bottles pretty quickly.”
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The Borrowed-from-the-Boys Beauty Secret: Clinique
“I love Clinique’s Non-Streak Gel Bronzer for Men. Just remember to only use your fingertips; a brush will make it streaky.”
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The Home-Cooking Habit: Indian Food
“I have a newfound passion and love for all things Indian, especially the food. I just got back from two weeks with Guru Prem, his family, and a small group of his students. As a surprise, Steven booked a home-cooking course with Kaumudi Marathe, who specializes in food from the Maharashtra region. My kitchen cabinet is now properly stocked with all the essentials, which inspires me to cook Indian food several times a week. It makes a vegetarian diet so much more exciting.”
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Photo: Courtesy of Raquel Allegra

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