August 21 2014

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A Hydrafacial We Can Get Behind


I moved to the United States from Brazil over a decade ago; in all that time, I never found a facialist I’d visit twice. Yes, I’d been to excellent spas all over New York City, but even when they were advertised as “deep cleaning,” the facials never quite delivered. A couple of fellow editors who’d heard my complaints suggested a visit to Emilia Kozlowski, at Dr. Jon Turk’s office, for her Hydrafacial. When the jewelry designer Wilfredo Rosado also mentioned her, I finally made my appointment. Emilia is everything my friends kept telling me: Her massages are super relaxing, but she doesn’t skimp on the cleansing aspect of the facial that’s so essential to me. She started by dermaplaning the skin, scraping with the small blade of a scalpel to remove the dead stuff (you wouldn’t believe how much), then sucked all the grime from my pores with a tiny vacuum. She uses a cocktail of antioxidants, vitamins, and alpha/beta acids from Decleor, SkinCeuticals, and Mesoestetics to exfoliate and dissolve impurities, and then moves on to extraction, which she isn’t shy about, to say the least. My experience finished with a ten-minute facial massage. Emilia also offers a Dermapen micro-needling antiaging treatment. It’s recommended to treat rosacea, acne, and large pores, and it’s next on my list.

Emilia Kozlowski Hydrafacial, $250, at Dr. Jon B. Turk, (212) 421-4845;



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