August 22 2014

styledotcom Headed to Martha's Vineyard? Our market director @rachaelxwang rounds up the essentials:

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Berenson, Hall, and Cleveland Front MAC’s Antonio Lopez Campaign; Beauty-School Dropouts; and Byrdie Bows


mac-embed_resizeMAC’s font of creative collaboration ideas is seemingly limitless, and today the cosmetics behemoth released images for its new limited-edition collection, one that pays tribute to renowned fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez, who has been experiencing a major revival lately. Fronting the campaign are seasoned supermodels Marisa Berenson, Jerry Hall, and Pat Cleveland, a.k.a. “Antonio’s Girls” (who’ve enjoyed comebacks of their own). The ads and packages featuring Lopez sketches—and the products themselves—hark back to the glory days of heavy cheek contouring, electric eye shadows, and bold lips. The new range will be available from September 12 to October 10.

According to The New York Times, university students aren’t the only ones facing crushing debt now. Eager enrollees in cosmetology and hairstyling schools are also reportedly drowning in loans, and they’re struggling to land jobs upon completion of a program. Apparently it isn’t easy being beautiful—or landing a beauty gig these days.

Today, Clique Media co-founders and chief executives Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power (the ladies behind Who What Wear) launched a new beauty Web site, Byrdie. Three things it’s not: a traditional magazine’s Web site, a blog, or a video tutorial. Kerr told Women’s Wear Daily, “We didn’t see anything that came from a strong editorial point of view that really reported out, but still encompassed, the fun trends that aren’t as editorially driven—like street style.”

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