September 3 2014

styledotcom This natural nighttime serum gives @rubyjean_wilson her radiant glow:

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For Caudalie, the Eyes Have It


SOS-Eye-CreamBack in the early days of our career, we had a beauty-editor boss who once labeled eye creams as ridiculous wastes of money, pointing out that they were essentially face creams put in fancy small tubes. The point was well taken at the time, but in the last ten years, eye creams have really come a long way. Today’s more advanced formulas feature ingredients specifically designed to penetrate and treat the delicate skin around the eyes, which tends to be thinner and drier than the rest of your face. This is especially true in the case of Caudalie’s Vinosource S.O.S. Morning Eye Rescue, a new multitasking cream that soothes inflammation and seals in hydration without clogging the tiniest of pores around your eyes. The hero ingredient: a nuanced form of hyaluronic acid with a very low molecular weight, which absorbs deeply under the surface to restore moisture, minus any greasy feel. It’s further boosted with calming organic Grape Water, antioxidant-rich grape polyphenols, and wine-yeast extracts that help maintain the skin’s barrier defenses—a benefit around the orbital zone, which is constantly bombarded with dirt and residue from your hands. As an added bonus, the cream glides on around the contours of our eyes with a cool, sorbet-like texture that we’d label nothing short of “amazing.”

Photo: Courtesy of Caudalie

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