August 21 2014

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Space NK’s Wick-ed Good Candle


Our mother recently reminded us that yes, even if you are invited to a casual cookout at a friend’s house this holiday weekend, you cannot show up empty-handed. A hostess gift or small token of appreciation should be given, no matter how laid-back the occasion or, in this case, if most guests will be barefoot and in bathing suits. The can’t-fail option for what to bring in our experience has always been a candle: It doesn’t require the hostess to fetch a vase of water or feel obligated to serve anything. Arriving just in time to fulfill this need is Space NK’s Parsley Mint Candle. The newest addition to the apothecary’s botanical-driven Life collection that includes Tomato Rhubarb, Mandarin Grapefruit, and Midnight Jasmine, this crisp burner is composed of fresh hints of green parsley, Moroccan mint tea, cool basil, and herb-y fennel—all ingredients that go over well on a hot summer night. Thanks to the premium-quality wax and braided natural cotton wick, the candle releases its aromatic scent slowly and consistently for a 60-hour burn time, which sounds perfectly generous to us.

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