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Éminence’s Red Currant Affair


eminence organics red currant exfoliating cleanserRED CURRANT/ (red cur-rant)/ n. / 1. Scientific name ribes rubrum, it is a fast-growing deciduous shrub with pendulous chains of scarlet fruit; / 2. Part of the gooseberry family and native to Western Europe, the fruit earned the name currant in 1550 because of its resemblance to the dried currants (raisins made with seedless grapes) of Greece; / 3. With a bright, tart flavor, the miniature berries have a myriad of culinary uses and can be sprinkled raw on salads, baked into cakes and various other sweets, and made into a jelly, a common accompaniment for venison and lamb dishes; / 4. The red currant’s high vitamin C and anthocyanins content qualify it as a superfruit, making it a rich source of antioxidants; / 5. Topically, red currant works to protect skin cells from free radicals, reduce inflammation, enhance exfoliation efficacy, and promote collagen production, e.g., “Bake a sweet custard torte and renew and rejuvenate your skin with red currant.”

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Photo: Courtesy of Éminence Organics

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