August 23 2014

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Will the Real Mrs. Meyer Please Stand Up?


I’ll admit, in all my years of using Mrs. Meyer’s products—on everything from my hands to my kitchen countertops—I never realized that there was an actual Mrs. Meyer. I thought she was a character dreamed up by ad execs, in a boardroom, to make household products more relatable and, dare I say it, fun—in turn, selling more of them to people, like me, who have a soft spot for visually appealing and aromatic cleaning agents. Turns out that Mrs. Meyer is more than just a clever marketing scheme. She’s a real, salt-of-the-earth woman and former nurse who married a John Deere mechanical engineer and pulled a two-bedroom trailer from Indiana to Iowa (check out her full story in the video above). There, she raised nine children (yes, nine), one of whom founded the company and named it after her mother, Thelma Meyer, who is celebrating her 81st birthday today. Mrs. Meyer’s philosophy on running a household is surprisingly lax: “Keep it clean, but not too clean,” she says. “I like to have it look lived-in.” (Thelma, I couldn’t agree with you more—”lived-in” is definitely the current state of my Brooklyn abode.) But despite the dishes that were still sitting in the sink when I left for work, my apartment smells delightful, thanks to the sunflower scent that launched this month.

Inspired by Meyer’s birthplace, Kansas, of which the sunflower is the official state flower, the new line of products contain a blend of essential oils (such as orange peel, rosewood, and bergamot, to name just three) and has a scent composition similar to a fine fragrance. The top contains bright citrus notes such as lime, lemon, and citronella, whereas the middle is more herb- and floral-driven, with hints of clove leaf, rose, and lavandin. A base of amber leaves skin, as well as the surfaces of your home, smelling warm and inviting. My must-have product in the collection is the liquid hand soap that boasts moisturizing aloe vera and olive oil. And as for what the namesake of the brand is doing to celebrate the big 8-1? I imagine she’s playing bridge (which she does twice a week, sometimes three if she’s feeling sassy) and leaving the cleaning—including those dishes in the sink—up to someone else.

Video: Courtesy of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

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