August 23 2014

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Beauty Sound Bites: She May Look Celestial, But Ava’s No Angel


ava-smithWe recently reported that model Ava Smith made the switch from brunette to a more buttery hue, but now I got the full backstory on the shade change from the catwalker herself. “A few jobs asked if I’d be interested in being blonde for this season and I’ve been a blonde in the past—so a lot of signs were pointing to blonde!” she explained backstage at Prabal Gurung. “I have three sisters and all of them are blonde, so it was easy to imagine myself as one,” she added. When asked the age-old question of whether she’s having more fun with flaxen strands, she candidly replied, “I feel more badass. You would [assume] I’d be more angelic, but I actually think I could do something [naughty] and blame it on being blonde.”

Photo: Ivan Lattuada/Indigitialimages

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