August 30 2014

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Emmy Awards Beauty Download: The Secrets to Good Hair (and a Good Time) with Elisabeth Moss


I will fully disclose that I did not watch the Emmys last night, but let’s just say my Milan fashion week schedule wasn’t exactly conducive to American red carpets. Luckily, I had hairstylist Alex Polillo on the front lines in Los Angeles, getting the scoop while working with Elisabeth Moss (nominated for two best-actress awards). Here, his exclusive photo diary:

elisabeth-moss-1“That hotel room is party central! And we must have Wheat Thins—it’s not a real party till those are in the house. There was also a serious amount of Katy Perry going on (“Roar” was for sure on repeat), along with Jay-Z and the Smash soundtrack. In the middle of it all, there was a dance party.” (Moss—captured above with brush still in hair—gets her groove on, and the preshow jitters out, with publicist Erica Gray.)

“We were inspired by Michelle Williams’ ads for Louis Vuitton but needed something just a little more polished for the red carpet, since it was outside.”

To get the look, he prepped damp hair with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Boost & Lift Foaming Air Mousse, then used a round brush (seen above!) to blow it dry and away from the face. The top section was wrapped around one-and-a-quarter-inch Velcro rollers for volume, hit with some heat, and left to cool before unwinding. A messy side part was made, and Extreme Smooth Combing Crème was worked throughout strands for texture and topped off with a few spritzes of Flexible Hold Hairspray (seen here). For extra lift, Polillo teased the crown and smoothed the front pieces with a flatiron. He finished with more crème to define the ends and misted all over with hairspray to set.

Before a swipe of bright lipstick was added, Moss gets a touch-up in natural light from makeup artist Sabrina Bedrani.

The finished product: sexy, tousled hair with a black-and-white gown by Andrew Gn. The only snafu: “Right before she walked out the door, she was putting on her bracelet—a custom-made piece by her stylist, Karla Welch—and it broke! Luckily, Karla had a backup, so another beauty came out and off she went.”

Photos: Courtesy of Alex Polillo

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