August 30 2014

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EXCLUSIVE: Mani Masterpiece Theatre


I got the opportunity to see the inner workings of the CND Design Lab earlier in the week at the Thompson Hotel on the Lower East Side, where a team of nail artists was camped out and meticulously bedazzling tips for The Blonds show that took place tonight. One can always expect to see over-the-top corsets (worn by the likes of Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez) as well as the most incredibly detailed nails come down the runway—in the past, horror film-themed versions made an appearance (think Janet Leigh from Psycho emblazoned on tips), and Thai-inspired talons topped off with a hand-sculpted dragon. This season, however, they turned to the original blond (or at least whom Phillipe and David Blond believe to be the original): Tweety Bird. “You have to be blond to be at the collaboration table,” Jan Arnold, co-founder of CND, quipped. There were various iterations of the canary-colored cartoon—from a graphic take on her (although the gender of Tweety was never actually made clear) big blue eyes to dangerous fanglike elements (reminiscent of pointed beaks and Barbarella, another flaxen-haired muse for the collection, being attacked by parakeets). The most impressive set, however, included hinged “bionic” tips with insides made from watch parts. After seeing so many nude manicures on the runway for Spring 2014, this is certainly a radical change of pace. Watch the video above to see how these finger paintings come to life.

CND Nails

Photo: Instagram

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