July 29 2014

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Let’s Hear It for the Boys


Harry's Razors

When it comes to hair removal, the market gets creative in order to appeal to the female demographic—there are glittery handles, sweetly scented razor cartridges, and flashy cans of shaving cream. Men, however, get the smooth-skin technology minus all the bells and whistles. Harry’s, a company created by one of the co-founders of Warby Parker, Jeff Raider, and Andy Katz-Mayfield, a college chum, saw a gap in the category and filled it with high-quality razors (with blades designed by German engineers) and modern, ergonomic handles at a fair price in rich colors (like nautilus blue, olive, and total orange) and sleek, aircraft-inspired aluminum. Now the boys are launching a seasonal collection, which made its online debut today, reminiscent of worn-in flannel, “dusty sleeves of Zeppelin records,” and whiskey-enhanced weekends spent in tents. The limited-edition, two-tone handles will certainly brighten up any man’s medicine cabinet, but it’s the photos from Harry’s very first lookbook that piqued my interest. While our own deputy editor, Matthew Schneier, wonders if you really need to lather up before chopping down a tree, I find the cheeky images of guys grooming in precarious places so much more entertaining than the traditional campaign featuring a shirtless male model—white towel wrapped around waist—caressing his freshly shaven face. And while I’ve always loved not camping, suddenly the thought of spending time surrounded by Mother Nature (and these mountain men) doesn’t seem so bad.

Photo: Courtesy of Harry’s

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