August 21 2014

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Marchesa Makes Its Mark


marchesa-ss-2014-runway-tattooWe always expect to see plenty of feminine frippery at Marchesa, but inked-up models? Not the first thought that comes to mind. Yes, co-founders Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig added some edge to their Fall 2010 collection with tattoo-printed tights, but this year they went for the real deal (well…almost) with butterflies and roses temporarily stamped on a handful of models’ wrists, arms, shoulders, and necks. The duo implored renowned New York-based tattoo artist Scott Campbell to create the delicate designs. (He is Marc Jacobs’ go-to guy, branding the boys in Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2011 menswear show; and new husband to actress Lake Bell, responsible for her recent New York magazine cover, where she appeared wearing only a gray bloom that stretched from her left thigh to her right shoulder.)

As a thank-you to Craig and Chapman, who created Bell’s bridal gown, Campbell drew up more than twenty different water-transferable patterns to enhance the plethora of tulle, organza, and lace that made its way down the runway. “It’s a way of interpreting a very soft, girly subject matter in a more assertive way,” said Campbell. And even though this is far from his first rose rodeo, he said he’s not entirely jaded by the somewhat cliché flower—at least not yet: “Drawing roses is kind of like repeating a mantra; I really love them.” And with so many models putting their own stamp on things these days—from mainstays like Catherine McNeil and Erin Wasson to women on the rise—the tats that gently scaled the bodies at yesterday’s show not only made an impression but also seemed perfectly at home in the world of high fashion.

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