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Sending Out a NYFW SOS


models-donna-karan-backstageSeeing as we are now on day six, you’re probably starting to feel the effects (at least I am)—and that scratchy throat brewing. So I caught up with lifestyle expert Kim Daly to get her take on how to avoid a total health meltdown before Milan:

Models aren’t bitchy—they’re hungry. During fashion week they run from show to show, with barely time for a bathroom break in between. Add to that the often abysmal spread of mini muffins and cookies in the hair and makeup area—empty carbs that offer nothing in the way of nutrition—and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Blood-sugar spikes quickly followed by crashes will make anyone moody. Whether you’re walking the runway, covering the beauty trends backstage, or sitting front-row, these healthy eating tips will help you stay focused and energized for the remainder of the week.

Try to sit down for at least one meal.
It doesn’t have to be fancy—you can fill up on salad at Whole Foods or grab a plate of veggie quiche at Le Pain Quotidien if you have time. This will help maintain a level of normalcy for your digestive system, so your body doesn’t go into starvation mode and start hoarding all the calories you do manage to take in as fat.

Pass on the Red Bull and Diet Coke.
When a hectic schedule has you up before the sun and out way past dark, you’re guaranteed to experience fatigue. Relying on caffeine makes things worse. It blows out your adrenal glands, which depletes your energy stores and makes it nearly impossible to fight off germs. (That’s why everyone ends up with a cold by the last call time.) Stick with water and green juices made with spinach or kale for added vitamin power.

Entertain the Munchies.
Having a small zip-top bag filled with carrot sticks, nuts, raisins, or a combo of all three will save you when you’re spending your “lunch break” in a cab between Marc by Marc and Oscar de la Renta.

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