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Wigging Out With Cher’s Mane Man


Cher-cropWigs, according to backstage fixture Sam McKnight, have taken the place of hats. And with choppy bowl-cut versions showing up at Marc Jacobs and Fendi, we’d say a trend is on the rise. Once thought of as something saved for Halloween, old ladies, and Lady Gaga, they’re quickly becoming more commonplace. For the photos attached to Cher’s latest album, Closer to the Truth, hairstylist Ricardo Rojas fitted the grand dame of divas and hair chameleon with faux strands reminiscent of a French beauty legend. “I wanted to re-create her signature long waves and youthful energy,” he explained. “I love Brigitte Bardot’s sexy tousled [look], so I went about styling the hair with that texture in mind, along with a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll.” And if your first question is, what exactly is the songstress hiding under the many wigs she wears in the artwork for her latest album—debuting three alone, including one made of newsprint, for the “Woman’s World” music video—it’s “gorgeous and long hair,” said Rojas.

The secrets to wearing a wig well, he explained, are not only to ask your stylist for advice, buy real (not faux), and get it cut by a pro, but to also concentrate on color. “When you first buy a wig, it lacks the darker roots and border that make it appear as if it’s your own,” Rojas elaborated. Then treat it like you would a Lucien Pellat-Finet cashmere sweater, meaning give it major TLC (and a monthly trip to the salon for maintenance). And while a quality rug is certainly an investment, you don’t have to commit to just one look…or suffer a bad hair day ever again.

Photo: Machado Cicala Morassut

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