September 1 2014

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A Lipstick for Anti-Lipstick Types


Albeit Matte Stylo Stick-cropLipstick has never been easy for me. The bright zing of red, orange, or pink on the mouth has never been my style. Oh, trust me, I’ve wanted it to be—there’s something effortlessly cool and quirky (traits I deeply admire) about the saturated lip effect. But I’ve never been much good at it, you see. Finding the right shade is challenging because, as I’ve learned, the wrong tone of crimson or coral can really make you appear like you have caught a bad stomach bug, or perhaps even worse, are trying oh-so-desperately hard to wear a certain “look.” The odds of me wearing lipstick became slimmer after I had two kids, and the fear of kissing off any kind of vivid pigment on their chubby cheeks further convinced me to stick to simple, clear lip balms (or maybe a tinted rose if I was feeling bold). But I can’t deny the siren appeal of the rainbowlike bullets. The spring runways were full of optimistic inspiration, too, particularly in the form of matte orange shades seen at Rag & Bone, Prabal Gurung, and Fendi, where a pinky-orange made me blink twice at its beauty. Sigh, if only.

Well, OK, full stop on that pining. As luck would have it, a perfumer friend of mine passed along a sample of Albeit Matte Stylo Stick in Geranium, a new release for fall from Anthropologie. I admit, it sat in my handbag untouched for almost a week. But the other day, I traced on the rosy coral and was completely transformed. The tip of the crayon is conveniently shaped to conform to the contours of your mouth, making it ridiculously easy to apply on the go (no fancy lip brush required). The papaya-rich, nourishing formula is an appealing cross between a lip balm and lipstick, so it melts into your skin for a complexion-flattering finish that doesn’t fade away too soon. In fact, if you blot and reapply, the color lasts a good three to four hours. As for remembering to wear it in the first place? I’ve discovered that time-honored secret shared among lipstick girls: When your color looks this good, that’s all the motivation you need.

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