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Darphin Weeds Out Wrinkles



JAPANESE KNOTWEED (ja-pe-nez nat-wed) / n. / 1. Scientific name Fallopia japonica, the meandering perennial plant can be found in North America, Europe, China, Korea, and, of course, Japan, where it is called itadori; / 2. / Considered one of the world’s most invasive species because of its extensive and strong root system, it can disrupt other plant life and cause damage to buildings, foundations, and roads; / 3. / This herbaceous plant’s flowers are often used by beekeepers as nectar for their honeybees; / 4. / The stems, which are edible and share a similarly slightly sour taste to rhubarb, can be used in soups, jams, or for baking; / 5. / Packed with vitamins A and C, potassium, and zinc, knotweed, when consumed in large quantities, is also thought to have a gentle laxative action; / 5. / Chock-full of resveratrol—the same antioxidant extracted from the skin of grapes—this plant helps lower bad cholesterol and, when used topically, stimulates the natural production of collagen; e.g. “Avoid it in the garden; instead, make use of this pesky weed in a tangy compote or slather on the skin to help smooth fine lines.”

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Photo: Courtesy of Darphin; Getty Images

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