August 29 2014

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Givenchy By the Numbers



If you’re asked to create an African mask infused with Japanese flavor, and you happen to be Pat McGrath, then your motto is simple: Go big backstage, or go home. Along with skill and imagination, she breaks down what it took to get models runway ready:

3: Number of hours it took, per face, to glue on all the goods—including Swarovski Crystals, sequins, glitter, netting, and plastic brows. “We cut it down from four,” boasted McGrath.

5: Number of people who hand-delivered the stones from Los Angeles, New York, London, Austria, and Paris.

6: Number of hands (two senior makeup artists and one assistant) it took to painstakingly glue on each gem.

9: Total number of vans and bikes used to transport the jewels to the show.

10.5: Total number of hours it took to complete the job, working nonstop from 9:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

16: Number of models who received a bespoke mask for the catwalk.

1,500: Approximate number of crystals used to cover each girl’s complexion.

2,000: Approximate number of sequins applied to the face in addition to the sparkling stones.

The end result: A priceless place in beauty history.

Photos: Gianni Pucci /

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