August 29 2014

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It’s My Birthday And I’ll Go Blonde If I Want To; Complement Your Button-Up With A Beehive; And More


Ruby Jean WilsonFormer muse to Marc Jacobs and current catwalker Ruby Jean Wilson makes a triumphant return to blonde in honor of her birthday. Having your cake and getting a dye job, too—now that’s what I call a celebration. [Instagram]

Speaking of strands, Uniqlo debuted a new microsite, HairDo, that offers GIF-style how-tos on everything from beehives to braids. You’ll never make the mistake of pairing your turtleneck with a ponytail again. [The Cut]

Rihanna, like today’s birthday girl, opted to make a change—the difference being that the pop star’s transformation is far more permanent…and painful. A chisel and a mallet (yes, you read that right) were used to stamp her hand with a traditional Maori tattoo in honor of a recent trip to New Zealand. They don’t call her Bad Gal RiRi for nothing. []

Channeling your inner mountain man just got easier, and doesn’t even require pitching a tent. Take an excursion to the wild—otherwise known as Williamsburg—to see Hall Newbegin, founder of Juniper Ridge (a brand that brings the notion of backpacking to your bathroom via all-natural soaps and cologne) in action. He’s kicking off his two-month pop-up shop at Fellow Barber in Brooklyn by steaming raw ingredients (like foraged fir) on-site with a whiskey distiller. Newbegin told T that he encourages the public to bring their own “trimmings” to create bespoke scents. Will hipsters show up with PBR, American Spirits ambers, and grizzly beard clippings in hand? Only time shall tell. [T]

*UPDATE: Ruby Jean Wilson’s dramatic dye job turned out to be a wig. Here’s hoping she’ll take the plunge (for real, this time) at 21.

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