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To Have and Have Not


Histories de Parfums

Of the haves and have-nots, the new fragrance by Histoires de Parfums falls squarely into the latter category. While some perfumes’ inspiration boards are a bit, shall we say, abstract, this one couldn’t be clearer: It is an homage, an olfactory one at least, to Ernest Hemingway (the name, his birth year:1899). And not just Hemingway, the great intellectual, but also Hemingway, the adventurer and world traveler. For perfumer Gérald Ghislain, that meant a medley of Mediterranean notes—Italian bergamot, Florentine iris, juniper, orange blossom—that trailed the various places the late, great writer traveled. All of it drying down to a warm, sweet base of amber, vanilla, and vetiver. Would Hemingway himself have ever worn it? Seems improbable—but we like to imagine that the woman he found irresistible would have.

1899: An Homage to Hemingway, $125;

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