August 22 2014

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Diane Kendal’s Color-Keeping Secret


red-lipstick-cropWith holiday fêtes fast approaching, red lipstick is soon to be my weapon of choice. (It’s the one thing I can put on in the back of a cab and look instantly festive.) However, with all of those tiny bites being passed around and bottomless glasses of bubbly, keeping your color intact can be a challenge. Sure, you can fill in your lips with a matching pencil, which in turn dries them out faster than a brisk walk through a blizzard sans balm. Or you can try makeup guru Diane Kendal’s trick to keep pigment in place and crimson from bleeding outside the lines: Using a synthetic brush coated in foundation, lightly work the base around the perimeter of your mouth, then seal it with translucent powder before slicking on your go-to shade. No nineties rim of waxy liner, no chapped lips—just a bold, budge-proof pout.

Photo: Luca Cannonieri /

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