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How Drew Barrymore Gets Glowing


Plenty of celebs have shown us what they look like without makeup. But few have let us witness them putting on their proverbial “face” in the mirror. Leave it to real girl and Flower Beauty founder Drew Barrymore to do just that. As part of her “Tip Tuesday with Drew” video series, Barrymore fields a spectrum of questions from readers, solving their beauty woes with her own personal advice (and friendly, big-sister-like encouragement). Her latest video tackles that always-tricky issue of how to achieve a glowy—not greasy—complexion with foundation.

Barrymore, dressed in a comfy sweatshirt, with her hair pulled into a bun atop her head, reveals her simple but surprisingly effective technique: Start with moisturizer. “I find this gives you a dewy glow in itself,” she says, adding that it provides a good “jumping-off point” for the rest of your routine. From there, she uses Skincognito (a thicker foundation stick), to cover up her trouble spots—which she has no qualms talking about. “Today nature has brought me a spot on the side of the my mouth,” she quips. The best part is watching her apply her Liquid Foundation, which she spreads over her face, working it in with little finger taps, for a seamless finish in about one minute. “One pump is all you need,” she points out. “That takes the fear out of oh my god I don’t want to look like a cake face!” She finishes with this genius tip: “Always take a little makeup wipe and take [the excess base] off your lips,” she says, adding “That’s, like, a telltale sign to people that you are wearing foundation.”

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