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Good to the Last Drop



What’s really in your skin care? Such was the question that Valérie Grandury began asking herself after a bout with breast cancer left her rethinking the toxic ingredients that inadvertently lined her shelves and stocked her medicine cabinet. In her subsequent quest to create both good-for-you products that actually worked, Odacité was born. To take her plight a step beyond detoxification and into restoration, she recently launched Pure Elements, a set of eighteen serum concentrates derived from cold-pressed seeds that essentially wear their hearts on their sleeves—displaying the ingredients along with their origins and benefits. While deciphering the “origin number” that is printed to the right of the label requires a bit of decoding (each number and letter correlates to the cultivation and extraction methods, as well as the continent and country from which the ingredient came from), the brand’s transparency is admirable. And treating multiple complexion issues—ranging from fine lines to blemishes—is just like creating a cocktail: You choose the ingredients that target the problems you want to fix. (For example: black cumin and cajeput act like an antiseptic to treat pimples, while jojoba and lavender clear clogged pores—a double whammy). In other words, you get everything you want and nothing that you don’t. Plus, the medicinal-grade violet glass bottles make you feel like your own skin scientist. Getting an A in biology just got a little easier.

Pure Elements range from $27 to $62,

Photo: Dyad Photography

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