September 3 2014

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Victoria’s Secret Angels, They’re Just Like Us


constanceOk, not exactly. But for the past two days, I’ve been swept away in a pink bubble—one where everyone is tan (despite that we had our first snow of the season in NYC yesterday morning), has six-pack abs, and never gets cold prancing down a glittery runway in nothing but lacy underpinnings. Plus, these lithe ladies in lingerie actually eat—and I’m not talking about sipping a pressed juice or pecking at trail mix. Behati Prinsloo ordered in a burger last night, I split a tuna melt with Jasmine Tookes, and Joan Smalls didn’t hesitate in front of a plate full of chocolate strawberries. Not to mention, Karlie Kloss had her famous “kookies” on hand backstage. No, it’s not fair, but this is Victoria’s Secret, and all of these elements exist in perfect harmony. Here, the top nine things I learned from first timers (like Sara Sampaio) and winged veterans (such as Doutzen Kroes):

They spoil the surprise. “The second I got home [from the fitting] I told my boyfriend exactly what I was wearing,” said Tookes, whose beau is missing tonight’s production.

They don’t suck it in. “I have a jacket, so I don’t have to suck it in!” boasted Sara Sampaio. “Holding my breath would feel a bit awkward—I think it would show in my face,” added Martha Hunt.

They despise working out just as much as I do. “I don’t mind doing abs, but I hate squats,” revealed Samapaio. “I can’t handle my arms being sore, anywhere else I can deal with,” said Tookes.

They wear heels with robes (but only on game day). “My feet are getting used to the feel [of stilettos] so that the change into the shoes for the show isn’t as big,” explained Doutzen Kroes of her pre-show footwear from Tom Ford. “Plus, I think they’re cute.” But when asked if she wears this look on the reg, she said: “ No, no, no, it’s just for the cameras!”

They fake it. “It feels better to have a little bit of coverage—it’s almost like wearing tights,” Kroes said of her spray tan.

They exercise on the job. “The weight is all the way up top, so it’s hard on my back,” Kroes said of the wings she’ll be wearing on the runway tonight. “But they’re good for your stomach muscles.”

They have the moves like Jagger. No, Adam Levine isn’t performing again. “I was a dancer for ten years, and in college I was actually going to minor in ballet,” said Lindsay Ellingson, who worked with Mary Helen Bowers of Ballet Beautiful in preparation for tonight.

They do the Queen proud. “I’m most excited for the British invasion segment,” said Jourdann Dunn. “I’m happy to be out there repping for London.”

They wing it. “It’s my fourth show for Victoria’s Secret,” said Constance Jablonski. “The last three times I rehearsed [my end-of-the-runway move], and every single year I got on stage and forgot everything. This time, I’m not planning anything—I’m just going to follow the music and see how I feel.”

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