September 1 2014

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Beauty Sound Bites: Fight the Good Fight


Heather Stewart-Whyte by Philip Newton, ELLE FR, 1994“A woman’s glamour war paint is an absolute necessity.”

Some view cosmetics as a frivolous luxury, but putting on your game face—whether you’re entering the boardroom or heading home for the holidays—is crucial. It completes a look, helps erase the stress, and can even give you an edge. A study financed by Procter & Gamble, led by Nancy Etcoff, clinical professor of psychology at Harvard, found that women who wore makeup (albeit not too much) were considered more “competent” than women who wore none at all. Since every day, especially during this hectic season, feels like a game of survival, we’ll take any advantage we can get. Lipstick doesn’t come in bullet form for nothing.

Photo: Heather Stewart-Whyte by Philip Newton, Elle France, 1994, courtesy of

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