July 29 2014

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Wipe Out


As a longtime Dermalogica acolyte, I have always adhered to their double-cleansing credo: Before you cleanse, you must pre-cleanse. The brand’s PreCleanse, a lightweight oil, is meant to remove any traces of makeup, sunscreen, or excess sebum before switching over to face wash—helping it penetrate into the skin and allowing you to achieve a deeper clean. Now Dermalogica’s hit formula is available in a highly portable, biodegradable wipe form, which means you can stick to your routine the spill-proof way when you’re on the road. Soaked with aloe, apple amino acids, and apricot-kernel oil, the wipes will effectively expunge any traces of makeup, stop oil slicks, and soothe delicate complexions. Consider this skin-care genie officially out of the bottle.

Dermalogica PreCleanse Wipes, $18,

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