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Flashback Friday: Better Off Burgundy


talisa-soto-cropFlashback Fridays is a feature on Beauty Counter in which we pore over the pages of our favorite glossies from decades past in search of a little modern-day hair and makeup inspiration.

The Model: Talisa Soto

The Moment: Bold Bordeaux

The Motivation: One of our favorite things about Flashback Friday is that we get to look back at an image that seems so different from the editorials of today. In this shot, featuring model Talisa Soto, a burgundy lip becomes more than a beautiful color on a beautiful model. It is a mask, a work of art, and it displays a dose of creativity that we’d like to see more of. Thinking practically, however, it’s also a genius way to try out different shades before making a commitment.

Photo: Michel Comte for ELLE France, 1985; courtesy of

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