August 20 2014

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VFiles Blurs the Gender Roles


VFiles, an all-encompassing digital destination that encourages its users to curate without inhibition, has blended three distinct eaux of its own: Femme, Homme, and Sport. All are unisex, and the descriptions are as cheeky and entertaining as the company’s community platform. Femme uses notes of carnation, lily, and mahogany to entice—leaving anyone who smells it (guy or girl) in a “flurry of unquenched ardor.” Sport, with a hint of eucalyptus, is meant to recall the “abiding aroma of a sensual steamroom,” rather than zingy, citrus-infused spritzes marketed by men surfing or doing some other “sexy” activity. Homme isn’t just for the boys either—this combo of salty carbonated water and sweet white rose swings both ways. In the digital era of oversharing, perhaps this trio is right on point.


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